50th Anniversary

Scouting. Now… More Than Ever!

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In 2023, our council celebrated its 50th anniversary. Please explore!

Scouting’s values have never gone out of style. The ideals of the Scout Oath and Law instill the values of good conduct, respect for others, and honesty in boys and girls.

Have those values ever been needed more? We think not!

For over a century, Scouting has given young people the knowledge they need to become leaders in their communities and country. The W. D. Boyce Council has carried on that tradition since 1973 – and we’re proud to be a strong partner in Central Illinois’ communities.

To celebrate 50 years of service, between now and the end of 2023, we aim to:

  • Be more helpful to everyone we meet.
  • Be more engaged in our communities.
  • Be more of what today’s families want for their children.

We hope you will join us… or reconnect!

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We hope you will let us know how we’re doing!

And we hope you will support us!