50th Social Media Frame

Any image of your Scout or unit activities could be a great way to promote our Council’s 50th anniversary on social media!

Here are some easy steps to add our special social media frame to your photos using PowerPoint: 

First, download social media frame (PNG): Click Here

1) Create a new, blank presentation with one page.
2) Insert your photo – or just drag and drop it – onto the page.
3) Insert (or drag and drop) the PNG version of the frame onto the page as well. 
4) Resize, crop (if necessary )and position your photo so that it is covered by the frame and the best part of your photo shows through.
5) Select all objects on the page (the photo and the frame)
6) Right-click and pick “Save as Picture,” then select a location where you want to save it.
7) Post to social media!