To help carry out the operational mission of the council, the council territory is divided geographically into districts as determined by the executive board. The objectives of the district are to expand opportunities for youth to join Scouting, and to help existing chartered organizations and their units provide a quality program for their youth. The district is responsible for carrying out the sales and service role on behalf of the council. The council is responsible for building strong districts and for helping these districts succeed.

The supervision of Scouting in each district is exercised by the council through a district committee consisting of all council members residing within that district, chartered organization representatives, and district members at large who are elected by the district committee.


The W. D. Boyce Council includes 14 counties and is divided into 4 districts – Crossroads, Heartland, Lowaneu, and Wotamalo:

    Crossroads: DeWitt, Ford, Livingston, Logan & McLean
    Heartland: Fulton, Marshall & Peoria
    Lowaneu: Bureau, Putnam & LaSalle
    Wotamalo: Woodford, Tazewell, Mason & Logan

District Calendars & Facebook Pages

Districts carry out numerous events throughout the year: Scout events, adult leadership programs, in-person training opportunities, and more. Additionally, each District maintains a Facebook page for sharing news and events:


Leadership & Contacts

Each District is led by a “Key 3” team: The District Chair, District Commissioner and District Executive/Associate. 
CrossroadsDean StiebnerMike HegerBarb Murphy
HeartlandKeith BrooksBill SellersErin Smith
LowaneuRalph MoshageLuke MaltasVacant
WotamaloKen RoseBill KnakeCollin Martis


The Commissioner’s mission is to keep units operating at maximum efficiency so they can deliver a quality program to a growing membership. The Commissioner’s role is to develop strength within the unit by providing program resources, and acting as the liaison between the Unit, the District and Council. This helps Units provide the best possible Scouting program, which ultimately helps assure that individual Scouts have the best experience possible.
In general, the goals of Commissioner Service are to:
  • Help see that the objectives of Scouting are being carried out.
  • Assure that each unit has strong, competent unit leadership.
  • Promote regular meetings of unit committees.
  • Encourage growth in youth membership
  • Help assure that Scouts and units take an active part in District and Council activities.
  • Foster a positive relationship between the chartered organization and its unit leaders. 

To learn more about becoming a commissioner, contact your District Commissioner (above).


Roundtables provide leaders with program ideas, information on policy, events and training opportunities. It is a forum for sharing experiences and enjoying fun and fellowship with other leaders. The roundtable experience will energize, motivate and enable unit leaders to provide a stronger program to their scouts.

Roundtable generally occurs on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 6:30 PM – check your District calendar for specific times and locations for each District. 

District Committee Meetings

The District Committee coordinates all functions for the District. Whether hosting the Council Camporee, putting together the Klondike and Yukon, or helping Units fulfill the requirements of the National Scouting Organization, the District Committee is there to help. If you have a passion to lead, or just want to help, join us at our next meeting.

District Committee meetings occur on the 1st week of every month – check your District calendar for specific times and locations for each District.


District Awards

Scouting wouldn’t exist as it does today without the dedication of our volunteers, many of whom are highly deserving of special recognition. Nominations for awards other than the District Award of Merit may be submitted using this form.

  • District Award of Merit
    This award is available to registered Scouters who have rendered noteworthy service to youth – in Scouting, outside Scouting, or both – at the district level. The District Award of Merit is a council award presented by districts in the same manner that the Silver Beaver is a national award presented by councils. The award is made available annually on the basis of 1 for each 25 traditional units or fraction thereof, but the district need not present all the awards to which it is entitled each year.  It is not appropriate to nominate a Scouter who has already received this award. 

    Consideration must be given to the nominee’s Scouting position and the corresponding opportunity to render outstanding service beyond the expectations of that Scouting position. The nominee’s attitude toward and cooperation with the district and/or council is also taken into consideration. 

    Additional information and instructions may be found on the official nomination form.

  • Cub Scout Leader of the Year
  • Scouts BSA Leader of the Year
  • Crew Advisor of the Year
    Leader/Advisor of the Year awards are not restricted to Cubmasters, Scoutmasters, or Venturing Crew Advisors. Any registered adults serving in a unit leadership position (including assistants, committee chairs, charter org reps, etc.) may be nominated for these awards, which recognize outstanding adult leadership at the unit level.

  • Spark Plug
    The Spark Plug award is intended to recognize adult Scouters who have gone above and beyond their officially registered position in their Pack, Troop, or Crew. The award is given to someone who provides Scouting spirit to the program – doing more than expected or necessary – and in doing so inspires youth and adults alike. The award should not be given to a person who does only a good job in an assigned position. It is not intended for Cubmasters, Scoutmasters, or Venturing Crew Advisors.


  1. Not all awards are required to be presented in a given year.
  2. Individual districts may also create and give awards not listed here.