Board of Directors

The executive board is a functioning administrative group elected to take the necessary action to achieve the purposes of the council. It establishes the council program and carries out the resolutions, policies, and activities voted on by the council. It determines policy for the council in accordance with its delegated authority, and within the context of the Charter and Bylaws and the Rules and Regulations of the Boy Scouts of America. The board protects the long-range future of Scouting in the community.
Council board members play two complementary but very different roles. First, like the familiar corporate board member, they govern the organization. Unlike the corporate board member, they also sign on as volunteers agreeing to undertake any assignment reasonably asked of them.

Executive Committee Members

Ben Blumenberg Council Scout Executive
Dr. Robert BevillVP of Camping & Outdoors
Byron BlotckyVP of Development
Joel BrownAdministration & Governance
Eric HoadleyVP of Program Community
Phil JordanVP of Marketing
Tony LeesCouncil Treasurer
Mike RemmesVP of District Operations
Jon WilliamsCouncil President
Gene OlsonCouncil Commissioner
Mark WyliePast President
Morgan FalconerAssistant Council Treasurer
Dan MartinVP of Membership & Relationships

Advisory Board Members:

Fr. Glenn Harris
Ron Hilton
Alan Lonn
Jimmie Moore
Dan Silverthorn

Executive Board Members

Dr. Robert Bevill 
Byron Blotcky 
John Boerner 
Jeff Bogdan 
Joel Brown 
Dennis Brtva 
Peter Coyle 
Dr. David Crawford 
Richard Cridlebaugh 
Chris Dierker 
Morgan Falconer 
Eric Hoadley 
Timothy Howard 
Robert Johnson 
Phil Jordan 
John Kelly 
Tony Lees 
Cal MacKay 
Roy Maguire 
Dan Martin 
John Meek 
Ken Pisarczyk 
Mike Remmes 
Ken RoseWotamalo District Chair
Kip Shelby 
Dean StiebnerCrossroads District Chair
Larry Tangel 
Rob Temple 
Mark Wertz 
Jon Williams 
Melody Wiseman 
Mark Wylie