Matching Gifts

Does Your Employer Offer a Matching Gift Program? Be sure to make use of it!

Whether you are an active employee OR a retiree, many companies will match your donation to Scouting. The process is easy:

1. Make your gift to the W.D. Boyce Council, Boy Scouts of America

2. Complete a Matching Gift form available from your employer’s web site or Human Resources department

3. Submit online or send in your Matching Gift Application to W.D. Boyce Council, 614 NE Madison Avenue, Peoria, IL 61603


Employer Matching Gifts

When a company matches an employee’s donation to a charitable or other nonprofit organization, this is referred to as a matching gift program. Businesses design such programs to show their shared support the organizations that their employees are most passionate about. Communities and their residents especially appreciate seeing local businesses engage with local causes. Resources are available online to help you start a matching gift program for your business.