What Was the Last Jamboree Like?

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Campsite Questions

Is there electricity at the campsite?
No – but there will be charging stations available for phones and other electronics.

What is the size of the cot?
Cots are 76.75” L x 33.25”W x 18.25H

How will Scouts BSA female groups be camped during the Jamboree in correlation to their Scouts BSA male counterparts?
Scouts BSA units will be camped in areas based on gender specified portables (showers/restrooms).  Camp areas will be separated by barriers such as roads or swells so that campsites are defined.  Council contingents (multiple units/partial units) can travel to the jamboree together as long as BSA policy is followed.

For partial units, they will be grouped with other like units prior to the jamboree to insure minimum BSA requirements/policies are met.

Ex. a Scouts BSA female group of 2 adults and 8 youth can travel to and from the jamboree with Scouts BSA male counterparts but when they arrive at Jamboree they will be camping in separate units.

Even More

Can participants or leaders come for part of the time?
No. Contingents (units) can only register for the full duration of the Jamboree.

How old do you have to be to attend the Jamboree as a participant?
Minimum of 12 years of age on or before the first day of the Jamboree.

My Scout has turned 18 since the last Jamboree. Due to the 2021 Jamboree getting canceled he/she/they did not get to attend. Can he/she/they sign up for 2023 as a participant?
Yes! There is an accommodation for young adult participation up to 21 years of age to attend within a Council Contingent or JST.

What does the National Jamboree provide to each participant attending the Jamboree?
Onsite Jamboree programming, Food, Cot, Troop Dining Fly’s, Tables, Propane, Stoves, Troop Cook Kits, Participant recognition package (ex. 2 uniform patches, neckerchief).

Is rafting included in the Jamboree base fee?
No. This is a cost activity that will be lower than public rates. More information will be sent closer to the Jamboree regarding rafting reservation options.

My Scout has a dietary restriction; what provisions will be made to account for this?
Food restrictions such as Kosher, Halal, Celiac and nut allergies will be honored.
In addition, there are many Gluten-free and vegetarian choices in our menu’s. The information included in our menu documents addresses ingredients and notifications to assist all Jamboree participants in avoiding items that may cause allergic reactions or discomfort.
Note: Menus and ingredients will be included in contingent menu information. You may also opt to bring additional shelf-stable supplements.

Still more!

Be sure to also check the Participant FAQs on the BSA’s National Jamboree website!