Caleb – Troop 0929

Chartered Organization: American Legion

About Me

Hometown: Normal
School: Heartland Community College
Career Interest: Construction management
Outside of School, I Like To: Create new projects in my woodworking shop and bike around the local Constitution Trail. I also enjoy watching movies with my family.

Eagle Service Project

I helped the church my troop meets at, Morningstar United Methodist, by removing their on-site playground. The church has had the playground for many years and decided they would like to remove it, as it required a lot of consistent maintenance and would need a lot to get it back into working order. I, with the help of my troop, was able to remove the playground equipment, including a main piece and two swing sets. I removed the chain link fence and some of the fence posts around the playground. The church now has filled the area with grass and can maintain it by mowing around it with ease.

Beneficiary: Morningstar United Methodist Church

Eagle Board of Review Date: 05-31-2024