Chartered Organization: Veterans of foreign war

About Me

Hometown: Peoria
School: Peoria Notre Dame
Career Interest: Nurse
Outside of School, I Like To: Be in sports like cross country, wrestling, and tennis as well as longboarding

Eagle Service Project

I led a group of about 12 adults and scouts in a project to put 14 new stairs in and slightly lengthen the red trail to improve safety

Beneficiary: Peoria Park District

Eagle Board of Review Date: 04-11-2024

Chartered Organization: Crossroads Church

About Me

Hometown: Washington
School: Washington Community High School
Career Interest: Engineering
Outside of School, I Like To: Play Soccer

Eagle Service Project

I cleared out a campground for use at Farmdale reservoir

Beneficiary: Farmdale Reservoir

Eagle Board of Review Date: 04-17-2024

Chartered Organization: Morton Methodist Church

About Me

Hometown: Washington
School: Washington Central Intermediate
Career Interest: Architect
Outside of School, I Like To: Run

Eagle Service Project

I led a project to update the giving garden for donors for the community foundation.

Beneficiary: Morton Community Foundation

Eagle Board of Review Date: 03-18-2024

Chartered Organization: St. Luke Union

About Me

Hometown: Bloomington
School: Illinois State University
Career Interest: Music Education
Outside of School, I Like To: Play video games, practice trumpet, and compose music

Eagle Service Project

This project involved resurfacing and repainting multiple large metal staircases at the Prairie Aviation Museum, as well as building an entirely new wooden staircase.

Beneficiary: Prairie Aviation Museum

Eagle Board of Review Date: 03-17-2024

Chartered Organization: Hudson Lions Club

About Me

Hometown: Normal
School: Iowa State University
Career Interest: Naval Aviator
Outside of School, I Like To: I play soccer at Normal Community High School and am in a group called Young Life.

Eagle Service Project

My troop built 9 elevated garden beds for Moraine View R&R. These beds will bring horticulture therapy to the retreats and help veterans who are suffering from mental health problems.

Beneficiary: Moraine View R&R

Eagle Board of Review Date: 03-10-2024

Dr. Tom Nielsen and Dr. Kathy Bohn were honored with the Good Scout Award at this year’s W. D. Boyce Council Lawn Social. The annual event is held as a celebration of Scouting, recognizing exemplary individuals who contribute to the organization.

The W. D. Boyce Council was established in 1973 and covers 14 counties across central Illinois. The council’s Scouting programs prepare young people for the future by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law. Fifty years after its founding the council provides a guiding light for youth to become responsible citizens and leaders.

One of those leaders is Dr. Nielsen, who earned the title of Eagle Scout in 1974 during his senior year in high school. He later met his wife, Dr. Bohn, who although was not a Scout said, “I believe my family taught me many traits of a good Scout.” Since graduating from Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, they have been dedicated to serving the community through the Red Cross, Illinois State University, and the Boy Scouts of America.

The 2023 Lawn Social raised nearly $75,000 in donations that support the Scouting program. Thanks to the donations, the Council can offer a variety of activities that will prepare Scouts for the future. Tim Spence, who recently earned his Eagle Scout was one of the many Scouts who attended the event and spoke about his journey through Scouting. “I love Scouting and the person Scouting has turned me into…Scouting is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life,” said Spence while thanking the community for supporting him and other Scouts across McLean County.    

Scout Executive Ben Blumenberg was also in attendance, showcasing his support for the honorees. “It’s so incredible to have so many people supporting Scouting,” said Blumenberg while addressing over 150 people who attended the event. “With the money raised at the event, the Council can continue providing programs that build leadership skills among young boys and girls”.

 National Youth Leadership Training serves as one of the many opportunities that can be provided due to the generosity of community members.  “Scouting gives back to us more than we give,” said Dr. Bohn recognizing the positive impact Scouting has on the central Illinois youth. Beyond the event, it is important to continue to serve the local community and strive to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.