2024 Camp Cards

As a unit leader, we know making Scouting accessible to all is a priority. That’s the primary reason we conduct our annual council popcorn fundraiser, and it’s why we’ve made our bonus incentive the opportunity for a Scout to earn an Ingersoll Scout Reservation camping experience, either at Cub Scout Resident Camp or Scouts BSA Summer Camp.

We’ve also heard from leaders who would like another opportunity to help Scouts earn their way to summer camp – including Cub Day Camp, Cub Resident Camp, Scouts BSA Summer Camp and NYLT.
With that in mind, we’re pleased to reintroduce “Camp Cards” – a short-term, no-risk easy way for units and Scouts to earn funds for camp – or any other Scouting purpose. 
Here’s how it works:
Scout units can receive Casey’s VIP cards in packs of twenty.  Each card sells for $20, and entitles the bearer to a free medium single topping pizza from Casey’s with the in-store purchase of any large specialty pizza. Each card can be used ten times, making it a great value. Units reimburse the council $10 (our cost) for every card sold, keeping the other $10 to use for camp or other purposes. 
Unsold cards still in like-new condition can be returned to the council. Payment and unsold cards are due to the council by May 31. You manage the collection and disbursement of cards and funds between you and your Scouts. 
Also, as this is an approved W. D. Boyce Council fundraiser, it does not require a unit fundraising application.
Key dates:
  • By April 3, you indicate how many 20-card packs your unit wants initially by visiting https://bit.ly/wdb-campcard-2024. (More will be available after the sale begins.)
  • On April 11, cards are distributed at your district roundtable.
  • The sale runs from April 12 to May 27.
  • By May 31, you reimburse the council $10 for every card sold and/or return unsold cards in like-new condition.
A flyer is available for you to distribute at your next meeting. If time allows, we recommend you use the return slips to gauge how many 20-card packs you want to begin with. Remember, more cards will be available throughout the sale at the council Scout Service Centers in case you run out!

Sale Tracking / Order Form

Scouts can use this form to take orders in advance, when they don’t have cards with them, and/or keep track of their overall sales for future reference. Download the form

End of Sale Reimbursement/Return Form

At the end of the sale, complete this form and submit it with payment to reimburse the council $10 per card sold, along with any unsold cards in like-new condition, no later than May 31, 2024.  Download the form

Questions and Answers

How soon can Scouts make use of the money they earn?
It’s up to the unit to determine how funds are used and allocated between the unit and the Scouts. Depending on how the unit decides to manage proceeds from the sale, once the Scout has turned in the $20 per card sold, it’s just a matter of the unit allocating funds to the Scout’s account with the unit, or just using the funds on the Scout’s behalf for camp or other Scouting expenses.
Please note that Scouts cannot simply keep $10 per card sold. That would run counter to the spirit of fundraising for the benefit of Scouting, and a violation of IRS rules. Funds received from the sale of cards must be turned into the unit.
Are the cards good at all Casey’s?

All “participating” Casey’s locations – which is basically saying all Casey’s that serve pizza.

Can they be used for delivery or online purchases?
No, they must be punched in the store, so they are not eligible for delivery or online purchases.
Do breakfast pizzas count as “Specialty Pizzas”?
Sadly, no. (I ❤️ Casey’s breakfast pizza…)
Are there any limitations on how often the card can be used?
You can use up to three punches per visit. 
When do the cards expire?
March 31, 2025