Patch Design Contest

The W. D. Boyce Council Jamboree Committee is conducting a contest to allow Scouts to design patches for the 2023 National Jamboree contingent. A minimum of 5 Council Shoulder Patches (5”x2”) are needed: 1 Male Troop, 1 Female Troop, 1 Crew, 1 Staff and 1 Trader. There may also be a center patch (pentagon) or another unique design patch that ties all five of the patches together (see examples below).

Contest Rules:

The following are required on the patches:

  1. W. D. Boyce Council
  2. Fleur-de-lis
  3. National Jamboree 2023


  • This contest is open exclusively to youth – Scouts and Venture Scouts – NO adult designs will be accepted.
  • All submissions must include Name, Age, Unit, and contact information for the designer and their parent (if required).
  • No third-party trademarks (including movies, products, and comic book characters)
  • Do not obscure or cover up the fleur-de-lis
  • Council Shoulder Patches should not include the city and state on them. 
  • All entries to the contest need to be turned in on or before November 6, 2022, to the Council Office in Peoria, or by email to

Download the informational flyer here

Submissions will be reviewed by a volunteer committee, which will select the winning design to be used as the 2023 National Jamboree Council patches. The prize to the winning designer is a full set of the finished patches!

Below are some ideas for unique designs. The set must include 5 Council Shoulder Patches. For more ideas Google “Jamboree Patch Set Designs.”